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Do I need to be musically educated or have DJ skills to start a BECOME A DJ Course??

Not at all! Our DJ and music productions courses are built both for complete beginners and also for more advanced DJ’s. You also don’t need to have any music qualifications. This DJ course will teach you all the skills you need to become a professional DJ.

Do I need to have my own DJ Equipment?

No, our DJ School is fully equipped with the latest equipment - both Pioneer CDJs & Vinyl decks. Although, if you have your own dj equipment we can build a special dj course just for you, so you could practice at home.

Do I need to bring my own music records?

No, we have an extended library of both digital and vinyl records, covering the major music styles and genres.

How many hours per week should I dedicate for my DJ or music production lessons?

We have the most flexible DJ courses in town. Generally you can have as many hours per week as you like. However, we do recommend one regular 2hr session per week. This will leave you enough time for the information to settle and 2hr DJ lesson don't squeeze all of your energy out.

Is there any age limits to enroll into the courses?

Yes, we only teach people over 18 years old.

Is it true that DJ’ing is more for boys than girls?

Not at all! We have had both girls and boys graduating from our courses. Besides, there's an equal appeal both for women and men DJs in the industry.


What sort of people would your DJ courses suit best?

Anyone with a genuine interest and passion in music. Also people who are looking into starting a career as a DJ in the music industry, or for someone who is looking to improve their current DJ'ing skills.

Why should I choose BECOME A DJ course? In other words, why is Become a DJ course different?

- First of all our classes are taught on a one-to-one basis, which means 100% of tutor's attention is for you. You will get all the practice you need - hands-on from the first session! Also we teach on the latest DJ equipment.

- We offer the most flexible learning schedules. You can learn at your own pace - be it 20 or 2 hrs per week. You can choose your time too. Very useful for those of you who have ever changing weekly work or school schedules.

- Pay as you go payments

- A master Chef has his secret recipes, so do we!

- At the end of the Course you will get a chance to record your own professional Demo Mix, which is crucial if you want to squeeze yourself into the music industry.

- Students also get a discount on studio hire, so you can come in and practice your skills and record mixes once you’re ready to.

Is there a particular music genre that BECOME A DJ course doesn’t teach?

We embrace all music styles and genres!

What happens if I miss a session?

Not a problem, we will reschedule the DJ class for you. We do appreciate a short notice and a sense of courtesy though. There is a £25 cancelation fee if you notify us with less than 24hours.

How many people will attend a session at the same time?

The classes are taught on one-to-one basis. You can bring a friend though and split the cost!

Can I choose different hours every week?

Yes, we are very flexible.

What are the cancellation terms?

When you cancel a course, you will not be given your deposit back. You can cancel a session, but please do this within limits of common sense.

Does the DJ School work on evenings, weekends or holidays?

We are open 11AM to 11PM, 7 days per week, 365 days per year!

Where are you located?

We are located in Shepherd's Bush, West London


What are the available DJ Courses?

At Become A DJ you can choose from the following DJ courses: Full DJ Course, Beginners DJ Course, Vinyl and Music Production with Ableton Live. The main purpose of Full DJ Course is to prepare a professional DJ ready to perform in front of a crowd. The Custom course is suitable for those who already have some DJ skills and thus don’t need a Full Course. While the Beginners option is for those of you who are new to Djing but aren’t sure about committing to Full Course. All of these are available at our London Shepherd’s Bush DJ studio.

Do I get any extras besides the obvious skills and knowledge?

Sure, after finishing the Full DJ Course you will get a chance to create your own DJ Demo Mix; you will be given directions and advice on how to approach the music industry; you will also get an opportunity to play at one of the gigs organized by BECOME A DJ.

What if the amount of hours in the modules is not enough? Can i get extra practice hours?

Yes, you can purchase as many DJ practice hours as you need, 10GBP each.

Will you help me find gigs to play at?

We will. At the end of the course we will give you tips on how to promote yourself. You will also get an opportunity to play at one of the gigs organized by BECOME A DJ.

I know how to DJ on a computer (pc), are these DJ Courses good for me?

Yes they are. However, even if you know the terminology, spinning on CD or Vinyl decks is different from PC, thus taking the course from Beginners level is strongly advised.

I want to learn with a friend. Is this possible?  Will it affect the cost?

Yes, it is possible and very welcomed! You will not only save money (you can split the cost); but also have an opportunity to have a great time with your friend. Also some harmless competition is always fun, practical and good way of improving your skills.

What is a demo mix?

It is a DJ's business card and a CV all in one. Basically, it shows your DJ'ing techniques, skills and your music style. This is the most important tool in getting yourself a gig.

Will I need to pay any extras – ie. Books, vinyl, etc?

No, you will not.

How does the payment system work? What is the deposit and how does it work? What are the payment options?

Once enrolled into the course you choose  you will be required to pay for the last session in the Course up front as a Deposit. The Deposit is non refundable, we will not give it back if you cancel the course

What is the first free session, and how does it work?

The purpose of a free introduction session is for you to come in and see the DJ studio, meet with one of our instructors to discuss your goals and have your questions answered. Sessions usually last up to one hour.

Will I have to commit to something if I come to the free session?

No, you don't commit to anything. The first free session is for you to learn about the course and see if you like it.

I want to bring a friend to the free session; can we then have two free sessions?

No, the length of the free session is 1hr regardless of the number of people.