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Become a DJ is a collective of electronic music lovers based at a cosy, industry standard studio located in the heart of London’s Shepherd’s Bush. We offer a range of DJ’ing and production courses suitable for those who are looking to take their love for music to the next level. Our instructors are all professional DJs and / or producers, who also run their own music labels, podcast streams and organise their own electronic music events within and beyond the UK.


Choosing to go ahead with one of our courses is an exciting opportunity to join our family, meeting with other aspiring artists and musicians and developing your passion.








Mantas Jankauskas

Mantas is the founder of Become a DJ and has been DJ’ing since the age of 11. He currently teaches both DJ’ing and electronic music production on a full-time basis. He has used his long history of experience to design the Become a DJ course, refining and perfecting content over the years to ensure students are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to pursue their dreams. He is a big believer in DJ’ing as an art form if approached in the right way.

When he’s not immersed in lessons in the studio, Mantas is managing On the 5th Day, a techno project involving monthly parties at London’s Corsica Studios, a podcast series and a label. Prior to On the 5th Day, he was organising music events both in London and back in his hometown, Vilnius, Lithuania.

His most recent music project is Abstract Man.


Ireen Amnes

Ireen is a London-based DJ and producer with a love for techno, experimental,

industrial and EBM. A popular regular on both local and international line-ups, she has been taking the electronic music world by storm with her dynamic DJ’ing sets and unique sound and style. A true musician at heart - a singer and multi-instrumentalist - Ireen’s love for music and her early influences of metal and rock can be felt throughout her music, both behind the decks and in the studio.

Find out more about Ireen at the following links:


David Smith

A former student of Become a DJ, David was first introduced to DJing five years ago, and has recently begun teaching at the school. As such, he has a great understanding of Become a DJs ethos and practices, particularly in terms of allowing students to work at their own pace to reach their full potential.

As a DJ, David has incredibly wide tastes encompassing everything from afrobeat and dancehall, to grime, breaks and Jersey Club, making him an ideal teacher for any student who wishes to tackle any genre. He has played at venues around London, and currently has a monthly slot of Tottenham-based radio station 199Radio.

Aside from his DJing, David produces for his own project under the artist name ‘Promontorian’, with his tracks finding their way onto platforms including NTS Radio and Dancing Astronaut. He also regularly works as a ghost producer and recording engineer.

  • Amaia Crucelegui Perfect space to learn and practicing mixing and producing. I started going to the dj studio to practice as I had some previous experience and had taken a dj course before. Then I met Mantas I ended up starting the course from zero and it's the best thing I could have done. I was blown away by the teaching approach and you can see your progression every week. I also started the production course and again really happy with the practical approach and the equipment. Mantas is a great teacher and the rest of the staff are always really friendly and professional. I can't recommend them enough.
  • Zaki REHI Regularly go there, often with a friend. I can only recommend this place. Sound (KRKs) is top notch, and DJ gear is constantly maintained/repaired (cue buttons, Eq knobs, etc.). They added last year a brand new Xone92 if you wanna change from the usual DJM-900. Room is very well insulated and has AC/heating. Access is easy through central line or hammersmith. Mantas, Ireen and especially Egle are very helpful and kind. A logical 5-star for me!
  • Tom Checkers Dent I wandered in for a DJ lesson, and emerged with new friends, a broadened mind and whole new perspective on dance music. Mantas, Egle and Katie have truly flipped my musical world upside down and I am forever grateful!
  • Mariano Cicciarelli Best DJ Studio in London. Great equipment, great vibe!
  • Dmitrijus Truninas Eye opening services! I was sceptical before I came to the first lesson... I was thankful when i did the last and Mantas said: "you know everything you need to know, just go, practise and find your sound" Wouldn't recommend anyone else!
  • Khayal Khan Great place to practice, record and work on DJ set. Been using this studio for a while now. Also have different equipment/mixers if needed :)
  • Nick Castleman Great studio. Run by a really nice team.
  • Mohamed Ali Best place to learn DJ-ing and music production FULL STOP. Incredible team too
  • Sophie Lovell Anderson Great place to learn to dj/produce or polish up on your skills. Mantas has a great approach, very thorough so you get a clear understanding of each step & come away with great technique! The studio has fantastic equipment. So glad this place was recommended to me & likewise I would recommend to anyone! 5 stars, best dj school in London!!
  • David March Brilliant studio, great sound and good condition hardware.
  • Francesco Malvaso Become a DJ is a really professional place where you can practice your dj's skills with a professional standard equipments and with really affordable prices! If you would like to improve your djing this is the right place!
  • Camilla Morelli Perfect space to practice your mixes! Run by genuine and professional people
  • Alexandre Cordeiro If you are considering taking a DJ course, for profession or love, you could not choose a better course: excellent teacher, stunning content, amazing facilities and great friends.